Removing Derogatory Credit History Using Just One Of These 5 Proven Techniques!

Removing derogatory credit history

Are you thinking of removing derogatory credit history errors? There are all sorts of negative items that can sneak onto your credit reports – an account that you know you didn't open, a "delinquency mark" when you made the payment on time, a fully paid debt that's still listed as a collections account, to name a few.

Not all negative items on your credit report were errors or fraud. Maybe you were dealing with financial problems at the time, and you couldn't keep up with all your payments. If that's the case, expect to see a derogatory mark on your credit history.

Regardless of the cause, derogatory marks on your credit report can spell trouble. Remember, your credit history plays a vital role in calculating your all-important credit score determining your access to credit cards, loans, and even some jobs!

Learn how removing derogatory credit history errors from your credit file now by using these five proven techniques can help you get approved for credit when you apply.

Don't get a nasty surprise when you apply for a credit card or a mortgage.

If you notice any incidents of errors or fraud on your credit report or think there might be some credit misdeeds lurking in your credit history. Spend the time, and make an effort to deal with the frustrations it may take to remove derogatory credit history and polish up your report. Don't fret; I will help you learn how to get rid of derogatory marks and polish your credit report.

Removing Derogatory Credit History In 5 Easy Steps!

Is your VantageScore or FICO score below 670? That's the credit score at which you're likely to enjoy the best interest rates on loans. To remove derogatory and delinquency marks from your credit files, follow these five tactics:

1. Self-Defense – Review Your Credit Report Regularly

Before anything, start by requesting a copy of your credit report from each of the three major bureaus. Luckily, you can get them for free once per year, and all you need to do is visit and make your request.

You need to review your reports, in detail, from all three agencies – this is crucial because sometimes there are discrepancies between them.

The only way to know about errors and fraud incidents in your report is to review them regularly. Be proactive! It could help you spot derogatory marks on your credit early and land better loan interest rates for you later when you need to apply for credit.

2. Look For Errors In Your Report And Dispute Them

Remember those errors I mentioned before? Here's how to remove them from your credit report. When reviewing your credit reports, scan thoroughly for mistakes. Did you spot any errors?

Perhaps an account that is not yours? The Federal Trade Commission found five consumers had an error on at least one of their credit reports.

Removing derogatory credit history errors include:

  • Negative items remain on your credit report longer than they should
  • Identity theft
  • Wrong personal information
  • Balance errors such as accounts with an incorrect current balance
  • Data management errors such as accounts that appear multiple times and closed accounts which are indicated as open

You are legally entitled to a complete and accurate credit report. If items on your credit reports are genuinely inaccurate, dispute them with the credit reporting agency. Fair? Not in the very least. But the proof is on you.

3. Try Removing Derogatory Items On Your Credit History That Aren't Errors

One of the most common questions I get is: "how do I remove negative or derogatory marks from my credit history that aren't errors?" You might end up with derogatory items that aren't errors on your credit report. Removing derogatory credit history that is accurate from your credit report can be tricky but not entirely impossible.

Your credit report form

Here's how you can go about removing accurate derogatory marks/negative items from your credit report:

  • Negotiate A Pay For Delete Offer To Your Creditor: This tactic generally involves negotiating with your creditor or the collection agency to pay the account in full in exchange for them to remove negative items from your credit history.
  • Send A Goodwill Letter To Your Creditor: You can choose to ask for consideration by sending a goodwill deletion letter to your creditor. In a goodwill letter, you will want to explain, in detail, the reason why you were late, how you've since been a good-paying client, and request that the negative items please be removed from your accounts.

4. Removing Derogatory Credit History - Wait It Out:

Sometimes, removing derogatory credit history from your credit accounts may not be necessary if they are within a few months of aging off your credit file. If you can not wait, then follow the steps outlined here.

The law allows these negative marks to be reported for seven years unless it is a bankruptcy, which goes on for up to ten years.

Do not stress over the derogatory marks on your credit report because you can do something about it now. After seven years, your credit score's effect lessens as they age out and as long as you replace them with positive accounts.

5. Fix Your Credit With My Expert Credit Repair Services

If you have delinquency or derogatory marks on your credit report, you might want to consider professional credit repair services. I can help you sort them out! I've been pretty successful in helping my clients get rid of derogatory items on their credit files. 

Success is not only because of our expertise in handling clients and solving their derogatory items on credit problems but also because I go the extra mile.

I'm not just another credit repair company, and I won't promise you a quick or overnight solution for derogatory items on your credit report. Instead, I will educate you – a service that other credit repairs fail to offer – and implement tested and proven tactics to help you get rid of derogatory credit and ultimately increase your score.

More than anything else, I find joy and peace in my contribution to my client's financial triumphs. My services' primary goal is to empower you with the knowledge and opportunity to achieve your financial dreams.

Contact me here if you want to learn how my credit repair services can help remove derogatory credit history and restore your credit.

Don't Slack Off! Continue To Monitor And Improve Your Credit

The best way to remove derogatory or harmful marks from your credit report and improve your VantageScore and FICO credit score is to combine credit repair services with good financial habits.

Sound financial practices include paying bills on time, reducing your credit utilization, etc. If you're wondering how removing derogatory credit history, utilizing some of the tips and tactics mentioned above may help put you over the finish line. I wish you a derogatory-free credit report and an excellent credit score!

I Offer Affordable Credit Repair Services!

Affordable credit repair services

With my document processing and assistance, clients have had success with:

  • late payments, inquiries 
  • collections, foreclosures 
  • medical bills, charge-offs 
  • repossessions, student loans 
  • credit card debts, 
  • judgments 
  • personal information 
  • and even bankruptcies.

When you don’t have the time to go, step by step through the credit repair process on your own. My services are always available, So let me help you. Your Success Is My Mission.

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Words can’t even come to mind of how appreciative I was for the assistance of Vincent D. My husband I had been searching for help with getting our mortgage refinanced but our credit score was at an all time low. Vincent was there to listen and provide professional support and assistance. He explained the process of credit repair which helped me and my husband make decisions which put us on the right track. I highly recommend Vincent’s expertise to anyone wanting to get professional credit counseling. 

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